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Protect your tires from leaking in 5 steps

Protect your tires from leaking in 5 steps

In the ever-evolving realm of mountain biking, tires still take a beating, but the game is changing. In today's singletrack world, tubeless tires are stealing the show, but even they can use some love.

And that's where tire sealant comes in. Think of it as gooey goop that lives inside your tire, just waiting for a puncture or small leak, when it is given the opportunity to rush to the rescue up and keep you on the trail.

While you can pour it in before mounting the tire, professional enduro racer Krista Rust shows us how she adds tire sealant through the valve stem.

What you need: Tubeless tire presta valve, tire sealant and core remover

1) Let it out

Using a proper core remover, remove the stem core of the presta valve and release the air pressure from the tire.

2) Seal the deal

After shaking the appropriate sealant in its bottle, add the sealant to the tire through the valve stem.

3) Core once more

Use the core remover tool to replace the vale stem core.

4) Spin cycle

Rotate the tire so the valve stem is above the sealant, preventing the sealant from entering the valve stem while you pump and add air to the desired pressure.

5) Check your tread

While adding air, be sure to pay attention that the bead is settling correctly, and slowly rotate the wheel around to ensure the sealant disperses evenly through the tire.

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