Shackets: These burly shirts can do it all

Fair weather friends

Take your favorite flannel, beef it up or slim it down, give it some performance features like SPF, quick-drying capabilities or huge thermal insulation properties, and you have a technical piece that looks like a walk in the park but acts like an expedition.

Some call them shackets: A shirt and a jacket rolled into one. They’re perfect for autumn mountain biking, cold-weather bouldering, sitting around the fire or raking leaves.

Our favorites brands have pieces that fall somewhere between thick and cozy and thin and functional.

The North Face

Polyester/spandex, $75

This light, SPF 30 button up looks stylish enough for a preppy social and still halts the wind, blocks the sun and dries super fast. We ride this in all sorts of conditions, from Sedona spring trails to alpine summer singletrack.


Wool outer, nylon interior, $120-$150

Hands down, this shacket is a favorite go-to for chilly bouldering sessions and on belay duty at the crag – or evening for playing music around a campfire. Truth be told, we don this around the office too, but its true calling is outside. The interior lining breaks the chill and the exterior wool traps heat in.


Polyester, $100

This tough gangster-esque biking jersey sheds muck and mire – like a soft shell with buttons. Slightly oversized and roomy, the cuffed wrists keep your sleeves in place while shredding. We like the large rear stow pocket. It’s big enough for anything you can’t stuff in your pack, and low enough to stay out of the way.

Royal Robbins

Cotton/spandex, $80

This is the kind of garment you can wear anywhere: on alpine singletrack in the Rockies or taking the trolley to pint night. The only piece with cotton in a 60/40 spandex mix, it’s soft and insulating, yet rugged and durable. We love the balance; It’s comfortable and sturdy. Chop wood and hug your mom. We love its soft look and feel, and how tough it really is.

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