Choose your weapon: A look at how camber and shape drive your skiing

Is it a powder day? Chud and crud? Blazing groomers? Maybe it’s big mountain backcountry or laps of spring corn.

With so many choices of skis for skiers and endless options for the terrain they’ll travel, buyers have a lot to think about when choosing a setup that best fits their style and wallets.

We stop in to 2nd Ave Sports in Durango, Colorado, to learn about camber, or lack thereof - or even a combination of camber shapes. Camber refers to the arching of a horizontal surface, like a ski. It helps turn, but when other shapes are applied, more benefits can be achieved.

“All of these advancements have made skiing easier and have definitely progressed the sport,” said 2nd Ave’s Kris Delgado.

Choose wisely.

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