Ski biking on the cutting edge

This sport is not what you think

We spent a day on the hill with a man on the sharp cutting edge of ski biking. A pro mountain biker, Rob Nichols is a trail ninja, ripping down mountains and carving them up like butter. When the winter falls, he takes his skillset and style to the snow.

“It's like hitting hundreds of berms all the way down the mountain,” he said from one of a growing number of ski areas allowing ski biking.

While it may be somewhat misunderstood, like snowboarding was 30 years ago, advanced ski bikers have carved a surgical niche from something that on the surface might seem a little clumsy. These guys aren't gliding down the hill in overalls and banana seats. They are finessing the mountain with grace and style.

“I can do anything a skier or a snowboarder can do,” Nichols said. “Why would I be out here if I felt like this was a limiting factor? I want to enjoy this just as much as you do.”

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