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How to: Mountain biking drops

Drop it like it’s hot with Payson McElveen

Terrifying nightmare or moments of glory, tackling drops off on your ride can make or break your mojo. Payson McElveen gives us a few tips on how to take the drop and keep on rolling.

1) Have a clean approach and line up with your desired landing.

2) Resist the urge to pull up on the handle bars.

“A lot of people want to jump or pull up on the bars,” McElveen says. “What you get is an awkward seesaw motion and landing really nose-heavy, and that’s where a lot of people will end over the bars.”

Instead, try pushing out.

“Get behind the saddle and let the bike go out in front of you.”

3) Maintain an active body positioning: equally fore and aft over the bike.

4) Stay low.

You don’t want to be stretched out at arms- and legs-length from the bike. “Elbows bent,” McElveen says.

5) Think light.

“A lot of times a drop can be intimidating, but if you think about being light and quiet, that can be helpful.”

Start small and get comfortable with the movement and you’ll be dropping the big boys in no time. Happy trails.

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