The AIRE BAKraft makes getting out on the water easier than ever

The AIRE BAKraft has opened an exciting new world of adventure to explorers. Rather than hiking or biking in and then back out, we can now head into the mountains on foot or bike and either paddle a lake or paddle out on a stream or river.

AIRE BAKraft rolled compact packraft
All rolled up and ready to go.AIRE

These individual-sized inflatable boats are designed to be light and small enough to fit in a backpack or on a bike and durable enough to withstand the rigors of hard use. The AIRE Bakraft takes that design and one-ups it with a self-bailing floor and an I-beam construction that resists folding in technical rapids. Also, AIRE didn’t take its basic kayak design and cut materials to save weight. The company actually tweaked the shape of the BAKraft to cut smoothly through all types of water.

At 7 feet long and 8.5 pounds, the BAKraft Hybrid is a scaled-down version of the BAKraft Expedition, which is 10 feet in length and weighs 12 pounds.

AIRE BAKraft packraft river gear profile
At 8.5 pounds, the AIRE BAKraft goes with you anywhere you want to paddle.AIRE

The BakRaft series is made in the U.S. with a Vectran fabric shell, has the urethane AIREcell internal bladder system and thermos/heat-welded seams, and has streamlined in-field repairability. It comes with a seat, inflation bag, hand pump, thigh straps and repair kit.

BakRaft Hybrid $1,649

BakRaft Expedition $2,199

AIRE BAKraft packraft river forest
Calm, peaceful mornings paddling the AIRE BAKraft.AIRE