Art meets innovation with this new collaboration between ski manufacturer Armada and Japan-based gear brand Oyuki

In a time when traveling to our favorite international ski destinations is near impossible, it’s nice to incorporate little nods to faraway lands into our lives as a reminder of the good times we’ve had and the good times to come.

Enter the Armada x Oyuki JJ UL Ski.

armada oyuki jj ul ski profile
The artwork on these skis is a tribute to one of the Armada team’s favorite ski spots: Japan.
The Ski

The original Armada JJ UL ski is highly esteemed as an excellent powder ski thanks to its lightweight yet girthy dimensions and nimble character, making it the perfect option for those heavy winter storms. Inspired by the signature powder days of Niseko, Japan, these skis were meant for all of your future backcountry powder days, no matter where you are.

“We have a long-standing relationship with the good humans at Armada, and this project represents our shared love of art and smashing pow. Our vision was to create a ski that would perform perfectly in deep pow as well as visually share the spirit of Niseko,” said OYUKI Founder, Matt Hampton.

armada x oyuki jj ul ski 2021 collab bottom sheet
The Armada JJ UL is known for its exceptional handling in deep powder.

This limited edition release ski features a Caruba wood core, making it 25 percent lighter than previous models of the same ski. What follows is a smooth ride that allows for the skier to effortlessly float on feet of powder.

The AR Freestyle Rocker provides positive camber underfoot while offering more ability for the skier to transition with ease between varying snow conditions. Smear Tech — a 3D beveled base in the tip and tail — allows for more movement while reducing the possibility of catching an edge.

The Artwork

Ink and smooth, dark lines paint a calming image across the top sheet of the Armada x Oyuki JJ UL skis. A tree winds up from the bottom of the skis with ease, a few Japanese-style buildings positioned among the trunk, before finally reaching the top of the skis, where a wide-eyed raccoon sits perched.

armada oyuki jj ul ski close up design
A close up look at the details in the artwork on the top sheet.

This design is the brainchild of Australian-based illustrator Mike, who has worked with Oyuki and their creative design for quite some time now. Shankster helped create the artwork for Oyuki’s first products, and has paved the way for the brand’s visual identity.

“My intention was to create an artwork that reflected the uniqueness of Niseko,” explained Shankster. “The small bars tucked away under snow-covered buildings, the playful nature, coupled with the homely aesthetic that the town brings. It makes you feel at home; this is something unique to Niseko.”

The Style

If powder days are what your dreams are made of, then this ski is the perfect option for you.

Only 200 pairs of these skis are available worldwide. If you’re looking for a limited edition ski that not only looks good, but delivers on deep powder days, this is it.

armada oyuki jj ul ski profile

All photos courtesy of Campfire Collective.