The versatility of the RatSack protects food from scavengers and keeps beer cool in rivers

You learn quickly that food needs protection when your camp gets ransacked by scavengers. Rats and mice smelling a meal will gnaw through tents. Raccoons, ravens, squirrels and roaming campsite dogs will rip apart plastic garbage bags to get to leftovers. Nobody wants that. Enter Armored Outdoor Gear, the creator of the RatSack.

armored outdoor gear ratsack river beers
Perfect for keeping beers cool and easily accessible.Armored Outdoor Gear

Manufactured in Flagstaff, Arizona, the RatSack concept is simple. The knitted stainless steel mesh bags when hung off the ground keeps critters from getting to any odoriferous contents stored inside. The steel mesh is unchewable, won’t rust or break apart.

The RatSack comes in four sizes, each made of knitted stainless steel with a tough 2-inch hook-and-loop Velcro closure at the top. Aside from keeping scavengers off your food, the RatSack doubles as a bag in which you can cool drinks in a stream or river — perfect for raft trips. The Sack Pack, an off-shoot of the RatSack, is equipped with straps and a zippered-closure for use at festivals or events requiring clear, see-through bags.

armored gear outdoor ratsack arizona flag
The Flagstaff-based company pays tribute to their state flag with this custom RatSack.Armored Outdoor Gear

For our testing, we followed the manufacturer’s instructions to hang a food-filled RatSack between trees at a campsite, which resulted in one frustrated magpie. And when we learned we could test the RatSack in a mouse-infested shed while the owner of the shed placed mouse traps in the corners, we took advantage. We put an enticing bag of snacks in a RatSack and placed it on the floor of the shed over three days. While the mouse traps collected a daily harvest of mice, the bag of food remained untouched and the RatSack intact.

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