We’ve searched high and low for the best winter boot; our search just ended

The Baffin Marli boot is everything we look for in a winter boot: it’s warm, durable, waterproof and comfortable. We’ve worn many different winter boots over the years, yet we find that one key element is always missing. One boot we tested was durable, but not comfortable. Another was comfortable, but not warm enough for a full day of winter activities. After spending some time romping in the snow with the Baffin Marli, we can safely say that this boot is one of the best we’ve come across so far in our search to find the perfect balance of utility and style.

Hailing from Stoney Creek, Canada, Baffin was founded in 1979 and focuses on designing both outdoor and industrial boots. Their products go through rigorous in-house testing by the same team members who are responsible for the design and development of the boot. With the elements in mind, Baffin has successfully created boots for all kinds of wear — from casual, everyday use to extreme polar explorations.

baffin marli profile
We might have just found the perfect winter boot.Tiona Eversole

Putting the Marli for the first time, we were immediately surprised by how comfortable these boots were. Other styles we’ve tested required a little breaking in to get the boot to a certain level of comfort. Not these boots. A form-fitting Polymech Foam from Baffin hugs the foot with each step, and a waffle-comb footbed under Baffin’s multi-layer lining system allows for warm air to move underfoot. Our feet stayed warm on the coldest days in January. Not once were we worried about cold, wet feet midday or the need to pack an extra pair of socks.

Did we mention how stylish these boots are? While we primarily used these boots for winter recreation — snowshoeing, hiking, aprés ski and early morning dog walks — they were also a nice complement to our everyday outfit as well. And unlike other heavy duty boots, our feet never got sweaty throughout the day thanks to Baffin’s advanced, moisture-wicking technology.

baffin marli liner women's boot
The multi-layer inner boot system adds extra warmth and protection from the elements, while wicking away moisture.Tiona Eversole

Baffin is known for its innovative design and attention to detail, which is clearly visible in the Marli. With a temperature rating of -40ºF, cold feet are a thing of the past.

Baffin’s multi-layer inner boot system combines comfort and warmth, with each layer providing a unique feature. One layer consisting of Baffin’s very own B-Tek™ (four channel hollow fibre) design combines with another Hydromax™ layer to help with moisture control, keeping feet nice and dry in wet conditions. Another layer contains Baffin’s Thermaplush™, a soft-to-the-touch innermost layer that offers additional comfort.

On the outside, the Baffin Marli offers a heavy duty build, with an Arctic Rubber Shell, EVA Midsole and Polar Rubber Outsole, specifically designed for a women’s foot shape. A waterproof upper ensures dryness without having to worry about soggy socks in the middle of a wet, snowy outing.


We always try to provide some critical feedback in our gear reviews. After all, nothing is perfect. But with the Baffin Marli, we’re really struggling to find just one thing that we didn’t like about this boot.

In the end, the only critique we might have is the price point. Some may find that the $205 mark for a boot is a little much; but in this case, you get what you pay for. This price point is well worth the technology and design that has gone into the Marli, and we anticipate that this boot will hold up for many more seasons to come.

Whether you’re looking for an everyday boot or one that will get you outside enjoying your favorite winter activities, we highly recommend the Marli. Even when the day’s adventure has come to an end, you’ll find us still rocking this boot to our favorite aprés spot and all the way home.