Homemade is always better. See why people are crazy for this hand made salve.

Inspired by and made with all natural ingredients brought to you by Mother Nature, Bear Balm is a natural and organic solution for some of life’s itchiest problems. Kimberly George of Durango, Colorado, has been making her own natural products and selling them at farmers markets for years, but when she developed a multi-use balm for life’s uncomfortable moments, she found something that stood out.

“When I looked at the 24 different products I was making, this was the one that I loved, and this is the one I wanted to continue with,” George said.

Always wanting to develop Bear Balm, the 416 Fire of summer 2018 in Durango, Colorado, took its toll on the George’s farm. A new project just felt right, George said.

“This was the time to do something different,” she said.

So Bear Balm came out of hibernation. It’s a simple mixture of what must be the perfect blend of lavender, comfrey, calendula, bee’s wax and olive oil. Anything that George doesn’t grow herself, she sources organically. Our jar sat waiting until a brutally hot-cold, sweaty, freezing trail run when our legs chaffed so bad we could hardly walk. A smear of Bear Balm and we found relief. Salve-vation. Now we keep it handy.

People love Bear Balm for dry skin, chapped lips, climbing hands, bug bites, cuts and sunburns, chaffing, scratches, saddle sore, eczema – and even healing surgery incisions and sores from radiation treatments. Oh, and there’s a baby balm for the little ones. It’s perfect for diaper rash.