Adventure Pro photographer Terrance Siemon gets creative and lands a “powder shot” in icy conditions on Colorado’s Red Mountain 2

This photo was much more difficult to get than it appears. We were split boarding on Colorado’s Red Mountain 2 on St. Patrick’s Day. It was not a good snow year, the conditions were icy and I was hoping for a “powder shot.” Optimistic that we could pull off the shot, I instructed my friend Pat to dig his board hard into a turn to make the snow fly and also to drag his hand to make more snow fly.

I also pointed out the exact spot he needed to make a turn so the background would be spot on. I was shooting at 400mm, a focal length in which the field of view is much smaller than with a shorter lens. Shooting with a long focal length makes the background seem much closer than it is in real life, so everything had to be perfect. Pat nailed all of it. At the perfect moment he turned, carved and dragged his hand just where I was hoping he would. Immediately after I tripped the shutter, he crashed, but I had the shot. This is the final product. 

Red Mountain 2
It took teamwork to create this “powder shot” during icy conditions.Terrance Siemon

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