Adventure Pro photographer Terrance Siemon goes low in the snow at a Silverton Whiteout to capture an image of a fat biker launching toward Silverton, Colorado

At the 2017 Silverton Whiteout, a mountain bike race that’s already ripe with excitement and action, many of the riders were lapping a little kicker they built in the snow. It’s pretty rare to see a fat bike getting some air — and with the town of Silverton as the backdrop, I thought this would be a cool angle to capture. I simply laid on the ground under the kicker and let the bikers jump over me. I used a high aperture and a fast shutter speed to get the clarity. Luckily, a setting like that is possible on extremely bright days like this one.

silverton whiteout fat bike race
A rare sighting of a fat bike catching some air during the Silverton Whiteout fat bike race.Terrance Siemon

The 2020 Silverton Whiteout, a 10-hour fat bike race that’s ripe with fun events for spectators, will be held Feb. 8 in Silverton.