A chance sighting of teepees in a field near Taos, New Mexico, turns into an opportunity for Adventure Pro Photographer Terrance Siemon to shine a light on them.

While driving the highway into Taos I noticed these teepees in an empty field. Later that night, I returned to the location with a photographer friend. We discovered that the teepees were on private land. The woman who owned the property allowed us to shoot the location. She asked that in return we would share the photographs with her. We first took some test photos, found our compositions and began setting up. Our focus was on having the teepees pop against the dark, starry sky, so my friend placed his headlamp inside the covered teepee. With a 25- to 30-second exposure, the headlamp was all we needed to fully illuminate the inside and capture the shot.

Taos Teepees
A flashlight placed in a teepee and a nighttime sky bespeckled with stars spin magic into this Terrance Siemon photo.Terrance Siemon

EXPOSURE 25 seconds APERTURE f/2.2
CAMERA Nikon D800 FOCAL LENGTH 24mm ISO 1000