Adventure Pro photographer Terrance Siemon makes tracks — too many tracks — on his way to capture a crisp image at Trillium Lake

On a foggy, snowy day in Oregon, I drove from Portland to Trillium Lake in the Mt. Hood National Forest to get landscape photos of the fresh snow under a cool light. I set up my tripod at the edge of the lake, and played around with different camera settings using a timer. I could see that the reflection of the trees on the lake made a really cool symmetry but a figure was missing to help balance the image.

I was alone, so I became that figure. Over and again, I set the camera, hit the timer and ran into position. Notice that I cropped my feet out of the image. This was intentional. With all the running back and forth I had left too many tracks in the snow, which distracted from my idea of capturing an image with crisp features.

Trillium Lake
Adventure Pro photographer Terrance Siemon stands at the edge of Trillium Lake, with nary a footprint to be seen.Terrance Siemon

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