A sturdy system from end to end, the Boss Line Kit will get you started slacklining and keep you bouncing into high-level training

The Slackline Industries Boss Line Kit is an ideal set-up for the beginning slackliner or slackline savant who is into advanced tricks, or tricklining. A slackline owner for nearly 15 years, I appreciate having a slackline that stands at the ready for whatever skill level enters the backyard.  

Keep it tight
ratchet system
The Boss Line Kit comes with two sturdy ratchets, one with a slow-release system.Slackline Industries

The Boss Line Kit is at the high end in price ($249) and sophistication for a backyard slackline kit. To justify the expense, it has a lot going for it that other slackline kits do not. For example, most slackline kits come equipped with one ratchet. The Boss Line has two ratchets with safety locks, one for each end, which in tandem can take a tight slackline to a super-tight slackline. Furthermore, the kit includes a ratchet handle extended for added leverage, giving a boost to tightening the system.

The slow-release system on one of the ratchets held a pleasant surprise. The ratchet on my retired system, while also independent of the slackline, was cumbersome and a bit scary to use. The sudden pop and jolt of the old system will not be missed.

The Boss Line ratchets are independent of the slackline, which helps to maximize tension and power to the slackline. The ratchets are similar to the one I replaced, so I understand how to thread the new slackline into the ratchet system and get it working. If you’re new to slacklines, you’ll need to follow carefully the instructions included in the kit. Slackline Industries is based in Quebec, Canada, which helps to explain the creative sentence structure of the English instructions.

Extra bounce

The kit includes 85 feet of custom-designed trampoline-style 2-inch webbing. The webbing may be longer than you need, but you never know. The webbing is made for learning to slackline while also providing extra bounce for the artists to do dynamic tricks. I am a poor trickliner, but walking the slackline I have confidence that the Boss Line Kit is ready for a next move.

Slackline Industries has also included straps for tree protection, which the company says is not only the right thing to do but it prolongs the life of the gear.

Boss Line Kit
The Slackline Industries Boss Line Kit is all you need to begin slacklining and advance into tricklining.Slackline Industries

In addition to the aforementioned, you also get in the kit:

● two round slings and stainless steel shackles to safely anchor the line and connect to the tension system

● two round slings, 6 feet and 9 feet with a 7:1 safety factor, to create a perfect anchor for high-tension tricklining

● two easy-to-use backup lines as an added safety measure while tricklining

● two stainless steel shackles as a connection point between the round slings and ratchets

The system includes all the bells and whistles you will need in a slackline. The rest, the actual slacklining, is up to you. The Boss Line takes you from learning to slackline to large steps of advancement.