This camp hack is flat out awesome and you’ll be the star of the show when you pull it off, especially if you really need to start a fire.

Batteries hold a charge, it’s pretty much how they work to power stuff, they just need to be activated. So when you connect a conductor to the positive and negative end, something is going to happen. And if that conductor is a little metal lined with paper, like say, a gum wrapper, the metal rapidly heats and the paper ignites. It’s pretty sweet.

Here is how:

1) Begin with a foil-lined gum wrapper. Cut it lengthwise into three strips.

2) Take one strip and cut lengthwise from the corner toward the center at a slight angle.

3) Repeat on the opposite side, taking care to not cut the wrapper in half.

4) Take your battery and hold one end of the wrapper to the negative end of it.

5) Carefully place the other end of the wrapper on the positive and hold it in place with a finger. It will quickly ignite.

The battery will get hot, so if you need to start a fire, be prepared and have fire fuel ready. If you miss it, that’s OK, you have two more strips and a pack a gum.

You’ll be warm in no time.