In any camp kit, carrying a lighter is standard procedure. Locating a flame is not the issue, but getting a fire started can be.

Two common household products coupled with a spark can provide a reliable and inexpensive fire starter kit.

What you’ll need: cotton balls and a jar of petroleum jelly.

1) Using light pressure, push the cotton ball into the petroleum jelly.

2) Lightly smear the cotton ball around the jar, equally coating the cotton ball on all sides.

3) Remove the cotton ball and roll it up between you fingers, but leave it slightly puffy to allow some air circulation.

4) Place the cotton ball within a timber arrangement. Then light. Presto! The petroleum jelly will burn well, allowing you time to concentrate on building up your fire.

5) An easy trick is to keep a Ziploc bag of ready rolled petroleum dipped cotton balls in your camping kit. All you’ll need is the spark and you can quickly start a fire wherever and whenever.