The day may come when you need a steady light and don’t have a source.

Any canned foods containing a good amount of fatty oil can easily be turned into a candle. Our top pick is tuna.

1) Using a church key (that’s an old fashioned can opener, just so we’re clear) make a small opening in the rim on one side of the can, Or you can punch a hole in the center of the can.

2) Some form of wick is needed – threads form your clothing, a thin shoelace or even a piece of string all work.

3) Cut a few inches of whatever you’re using for a wick and it fold in half. Insert the folded end into the tuna can.

4) Once most of the wick is in the tuna, pull a short piece of one end back out.

5) Light your wick, the heat of the flame will draw the oil and slowly burn.