The Force Dry DX dries your gear and helps control odor-causing bacteria

Dry gloves and boots, you know you want them. What’s better than waking to a new day of playing outside and your drying system has your gear ready to tackle the day with you?

And for some one-upmanship, what’s better than a gizmo that dries your gloves and boots without damaging the fabrics in them? You know you want that, too. Introducing the DryGuy Force Dry DX.

Quick Drying
The DryGuy Force Dry DX drying system features four dry ports.

The Force Dry DX uses a forced-air drying system that heats to 105 degrees, a temperature that dries efficiently without running the risk of damaging fabrics that can occur at a super-hot temperature. The system dries your gear in just one to two hours for a quick drying time that helps to control odor-causing bacteria.

For waders, booties, wading boots, and skates, the Force Dry DX is versatile and a perfect addition to a mountain cabin, hunting lodge, or laundry room, but keep it close to your gear closet.

Tech Specs

The system is powered by a 120-vold AC outlet for ease and features a 3-hour timer with a heat/no heat switch. It weighs 5 pounds.