1) Wolf Creek is family owned and operated, and owners Davey and Rosanne Pitcher aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. In fact, they’re working right now.

2) It’s called “The Most Snow in Colorado,” because it gets the most snow in Colorado.

3) The top of the mountain is the actual Continental Divide, shedding water west to either the Pacific Ocean or east to the Atlantic Ocean.

4) Half of the mountain is beginner or intermediate skiing, and half is advanced or expert skiing. Some of the best advanced terrain is accessed by hiking off the top of the chairlift. Start hoofing it. It’s worth it.

5) The mountain gets so much snow that avalanches are a concern on steeper slopes. That’s why Wolf Creek is now home to the largest explosive avalanche mitigation systems in North America, and on any stormy morning, it sounds like the Fourth of July.