Just because a little snow falls doesn’t mean your running regiment has to fall off the radar. Just ask this group of die hard trail heads. After a foot of fresh snow, they tore up the Rocky Mountains’ Colorado Trail looking for winter fun. And they found it.

“It’s sometimes hard to motivate on days like today,” said trail runner Liane Jollon on the 20-degree morning. “I think you get warm, and there’s endorphins from running. There’s a sense of accomplishment and I think you know you’re doing something great for you body.”

Members of the Durango Running Club noted frozen toes and stinging cheeks, but laughed off the cold temps instead of complaining.

As trail running explodes across America, it certainly takes a back seat to other winter sports when the temperatures fall. While summer trails bustle with runners, hikers and bikers all seeking their own slice of solitude, winter runners usually have whole forests to themselves.

“It’s different when you’re out here and the only thing you hear are your footsteps, and your breathing” said Bret Sublet, owner of Durango Running Company. “It’s a moving meditation.”