GoggleSoc: Protect your goggles and keep them on your head while helping good causes.

Shreddy bear. This Panda wants to go skiing.Brandon Mathis

So, we have to admit, we love GoggleSoc Goggle covers. It’s a not only a sheer thin replacement of your goggle bag that you’re going to lose anyway, it’s an improvement. The material is made from 88 percent rPet, a product produced from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. The company also supports numerous nonprofits and adaptive ski associations. Last year it donated $10,000 to Protect Our Winters.

GoggleSoc works with nonprofits and donates revenue to causes like Protect Our Winters.Brandon Mathis

The kicker is that unlike your goggle bag, it can be worn over your lenses pretty much whenever you’re not wearing them to see. It acts as a stretchy microfiber lens cleaner as well, and comes in about every kind of print theme imaginable – from your favorite ski resorts to solid colors to state and flags to über rad prints like this Panda.