The Guerrilla Gravity Smash mountain bike is equipped to be a blast wherever it goes

Mountain biking used to be an elitist sport. A new bike helps to level the playing field. The Guerrilla Gravity Smash built in Denver is a 29er designed to be user-friendly. It has better geometry, more power transfer from the pedals to the wheels, and an incredibly comfortable suspension. This means you can tackle a wider variety of terrain with a single bike—definitely a plus for people who don’t want a half-dozen specialty rides cluttering their garage. 

Ready for action
Guerrilla Gravity Smash
The Guerrilla Gravity Smash is a 29er designed to take on anything you throw at it, from big downhills, rocks, single track, to commuting.Guerrilla Gravity

Designed for daily riding, the Smash is a bike for people who want a well-built bike that is ready to face anything. Big mountain downhills, single track, rock gardens, commuting and everything in between, this is your bike. It is durable, relatively light and highly adjustable. The headset has 10 millimeters of play so you can dial the fit and the suspension is instantly tunable (there’s a Crush and Plush mode; the names speak for themselves) to adapt to your unique style and the type of terrain you’ll be covering. Speaking of names, the Smash is named in honor of British punk icon Joe Strummer.

Guerrilla Gravity Smash
Bring it on! The Smash faces the world with you, whether its a screaming downhill, single track, rock garden or the road to work.Justin vanAlstyne

The Smash is the brainchild of a designer with an aeronautics and car racing pedigree. As a result, Guerrilla Gravity has a stamped carbon-fiber process that is done in-house. The automated process dramatically reduces the time needed for carbon fusing. The result is less labor and transportation costs and an unusually high heat tolerance. The process allows the frame to be powder-coated, rather than painted. The frame is 100% U.S.-made. And, according to Guerrilla Gravity, three times more impact resistant than its traditional carbon-fiber cousins.

$3,695 (with RockShox Yari, SRAM NX and DT Swiss M1900 part package)