We like companies that do something good while making something good. So when we heard about Headsweats and their National Park Collection series of trucker hats we had to get under one, well, three.

The Katmai Trucker. For every hat sold from their National Parks Collection series, Headsweats will donate 20 percent to the National Parks Foundation Brandon Mathis

Not only is the line up of truckers super cool with photo graphics of iconic national parks like Rocky Mountain National Park, Golden Gate Bridge, Katmai, Yellowstone or Yosemite National Park, but they’ll donate 20 perecnt of sales of these hats to the National Park Foundation.
And of course, we just like their hats. Whether we’re climbing in Utah, running in New Mexico, digging travel trailers out of the mud of just in line at the coffee shop, we like the way Headsweats feel. The secret is what they call their Eventure Fabric: in this case a  lightweight knit polyester fabric with highly effective moisture wicking ability and impressive quick drying properties, plus noticeably breathable. Think cool breeze on your sweaty dome, not a canvas bucket trapping in heat.

Headsweats Eventure Fabric. Moisture wicking breathability. Brandon Mathis

With a broad line of headwear made famous in the Tour de France, Headsweats have something for just about every outdoor activity, in an array of styles. The major point here  is they perform. We might not wear these to lunch with the in-laws or for a night out on the town, but for our outdoor pursuits they’re the pick of the litter.

You could say a hat’s a hat, and we’ve worn all kinds doing what we do, but we were sold on the function and undeniable soft feel of Headsweats. Throw that in with the stewardship of public lands that we love to play on, and we become instant fans.

Brandon Mathis

Headsweats National Park Collection $26