When you hit the summit, clean a run or prepare to launch an expedition, the Firelight 750mL Flask has all you need to cheers the moment.

Cheering to adventure has raised many ‘a spirit but High Camp Flasks distilled the concept and built it into an all-in-one flask with two tumblers. Introducing the Firelight 750mL Flask, a sensible solution to transporting and consuming favorite spirits in the outdoors. But more than that, the products at High Camp Flasks acknowledge that distilled, aged libations deserve more respect than getting swigged out of a plastic bottle. And that plastic and glass bottles should be kept out of the outdoors. Cheers to that!

High Camp Flasks
The High Camp Flasks Firelight 750mL Flask is at the ready to serve your favorite spirits whenever you need to cheers the moment, tumblers included.High Camp Flasks

The Firelight 750 mL Flask is a tidy complement of the 750 milliliter flask and two 6-Shooter Tumblers. The tumblers with 6-Shooter Barrel Grooves for a no-slip grip fit seamlessly onto the base and top of the Firelight and remain secure with High Camp’s thread-free Magnetic Locking System. That’s right, the tumblers snap into place and stay there.

The flask (11.8 inches x 3.25 inches) will fit the contents of an entire bottle of wine or a fifth of your favorite spirit, shared in 11 ounce quantities in the tumblers. Beverages stay cold for hours thanks to the integrated silicone ring in the screw-top flask lid and the double-wall vacuum insulation. The flask is made from brushed polish 18/8 stainless steel and, when empty, weighs just 25.4 ounces.

High Camp Flasks has a second product, the Halflight 375 Flask, a flask with one tumbler that halves everything the Firelight has to offer but with all the same quality and innovation.

Firelight 750 Flask – $125

Halflight 375 Flask – $75