Photographer draws inspiration from the rugged desert landscape of the Southwest

southwest desert landscape photography
“Homecoming,” by Tyana Arviso

I took this photo while making my way home to Cortez, Colorado from southern New Mexico. I’ve traveled by this view a handful of times, and it is an instant marker that indicates I’m home. This time the energy feels mysterious; it piques my curiosity. I find that the desert has a strong influence on my work as an artist. It is my place of surrender and healing. I am enchanted by its vast landscapes and warm tones. When it comes to editing my photography, I try to convey the emotion I felt when taking that photo. My intention with this image was to bring forth the mystical energy from the evening light and full moon. 

tyana arviso
Artist Bio:

Tyana Arviso is a freelance artist based in the high desert of Colorado. She is creatively curious about art and photography, and shares her work to promote self-healing. “Creativity doesn’t owe me anything; it’s here for me to explore.”