Fly fishing in the mountains means one thing: Great big dry flies.

According to Cole Glenn at Colorado’s The San Juan Angler, it’s what we think of when we think of fly fishing.

“We actually see the fly hit the top of the water and a lot of times you can see that fish turn,” he said.

He shares a few tricks for catching dozens of trout all day long. Here’s how he does it:

1) The right fly

Glenn likes larger dry flies that he can see. “(Something) very visible to the eye, that’s the thing I’m going for,” he said. “I want to see these flies on the water.”

2) Floatant gel

This gel applies directly on the fly and helps repel water so it rides high on the surface.

“If I can’t see the fly and I can’t see the fish eat the fly, I’m going to have a hard time catching them,” he said.

3) Dry fly shake

“Once you’ve fished your fly, a lot of times a second application is going to be a dry fly shake,” Glenn said.

He likes to dab out excess moisture, then he simply tosses the fly into the powder shake container for its desiccant, hydrophobic properties. “I give it a good once over and then throw it out,” he said. “It floats like a bobber.”