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It’s impossible to ignore the turmoil in our world right now. Just as we begin to emerge from quarantine caused by the COVID-19 pandemic we find ourselves in the midst of a civil rights movement. Riots, protests, silent marches and social media campaigns have erupted in response to police brutality. People are fed up and angry, while some feel scared and helpless.

Creating change
Cameron Baird
All Mountain Brothers is a community of people of color exploring the world by bike.Cameron Baird

For those of us fortunate to live in proximity to a beautiful outdoor paradise, quarantine has been an inconvenience but by comparison we have had it pretty good thanks to our access to the outdoors. And now, while the world takes a stand in the fight for equality, we remain blissfully isolated in our not-so-diverse outdoor communities. We remain surrounded by miles of rivers and singletrack rather than streets full of protesters. We do what we can from afar – sign petitions, send emails, donate money – while wondering what else can be done to be an ally during this movement.

For starters, we can educate ourselves and ask real questions. We can be kind to each other, listen and learn, which is really at the heart of the work. We can learn to recognize the privilege and biases that may be inherent to our outdoor community, and, again, listen. The Black Lives Matter and Intersectional Environmentalism movements are just getting started. If you as an outdoor enthusiast would like to learn more, you will need some tools!

Digital spaces
Irene Yee
Irene Yee aka @ladylockoff is a rock climbing photographer who highlights under-represented non-traditional climbers.Irene Yee

Here are some digital spaces that showcase Black, Indigenous, and/or people of color out there gettin’ after it. Take a look and you may be surprised at the depth of diversity that exists in the outdoor community. Others feature helpful infor­mation on how to be an outdoor ally and take an active stand against racism in the outdoors. Show your support, give a fol­low and discover ways you can support the people in your life both on and off the trail.













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