Dreaming of landing that perfect rainbow trout? These are the best two knots to nab the fish of your dreams.

The double surgeon’s and clinch knots are both fast, strong, fundamental knots, and expert angler Cole Glenn, shop manager at Colorado’s San Juan Angler, shows us how to tie them.

Make sure you have these down pat before you wade into mountain waters.

The double surgeon’s knot is often used to connect the tippet line to the leader.

1) Begin with one end of the tippet and one end of the leader.

2) Overlap the two pieces by a few inches and put an overhand loop in the overlapping lines.

3) Take the two free tag ends and pass them through the loop twice.

4) It’s good idea to add some lubrication to the knot before cinching it; That’s what anglers are doing every time you see them putting lines in their mouths.

5) Slowly pull the knot tight. Plastics that are this fine can melt with a rapid increase in temperature.

The clinch knot is commonly used to tie on the fly.

1) Thread the line through the fly.

2) Pass the tag end around the line five or six times.

3) Pass the tag end back through the fly.

4) Use a little ol’ fashioned lubrication (spit) to lubricate the line.

5) Pull the knot tight.