Drink free

katadyn water filter
Fill up, then filter.Terrance Siemon

For runners, hikers, backpackers and others who don’t want to be bogged down with the added weight of all that heavy H20 sloshing around, we bring you the Katadyn BeFree.

This filter has made quite a splash, winning global awards throughout the industry, and works like a charm so long as there is a water source nearby. 

katadyn water filter
A quick and easy way to stay hydrated on your long run.Terrance Siemon

The ultra lightweight BeFree uses a micro fiber, the EZ Clean Membrane, to filter harmful micro-organisms, all built into the nozzle that screws securely onto a soft collapsible flask for a stunning 1000 liters of water filtration. Fill up the flask, screw on the filter and squeeze. There’s even a lid to keep your water from squirting out while stashed. Cleaning is simple: splash it around in clean water or fill up the flask and shake. When you’ve quenched your thirst, wad it up and stuff it away. Be thirsty, be light, be smart and be free.