Being a professional enduro mountain bike racer means hitting the road, and for Krista Rust, that means after the road she’s hitting the trail. Much of race season, Rust and her teammate, Anthony Diaz, live out of a 2010 Chevy Express van, given to her by Colorado Camper Van. It’s cozy, but nothing beats an adventuremobile.

“I love it,” she said. “You have everything you want. You don’t have to remember to pack your bags. You can decide tonight, ‘we’re going to go to Moab,’ and you get in the car and go.”

All of her tools have a spot, for the most part. A kitchen cabinet lives behind a row of gear and backpacks, with a few various bike products in the mix. Chain lube is right next to the pancake mix. Just be careful not to sprinkle degreaser on your salad. A curtain slides across the sliding door. There’s a nice closet. And at the press of a button, the whole camper top pops up and sleeps two. A bike rack on the hitch carries four bikes. There’s a water pump rigged for a shower, an electric refrigerator and even little even a small washer/dryer, all powered by a car battery connected to an inverter. Spare bike wheels are strapped to the ceiling.

And with multiple personalities, the van wears many hats. It’s a bike shop in Tucson, an office in Sedona, a gear shed in Colorado and a dressing room everywhere else. (She calls it the Superman; She steps into it in street clothes and steps out ready to ride.)

“You might throw a few things in, but you know you’re going to have everything you need,” Rust said. “It makes it easy to have a home on wheels.”