Durability and sustainable apparel made for fit and function

hemp socks
Terrance Siemon

Even when we pack light, we always bring extra socks. And we are pretty picky when it comes to pairs. We like breathable socks that are soft, but strong. But most of all, we want them to retain shape and avoid scrunching.
When we learned about Kind Hemp Company’s sustainable business model and commitment to the environment, we wanted to test our first pair of socks made from one of the most durable fibers in the world. For every product purchased, Kind Hemp Company co-owners, Derek MacGuffie and Savannah Hargis, donate a hemp seed to a hemp farmer in the U.S. They use hemp because it is four times more durable than cotton, and it uses 50 percent less water than cotton. Though Kind Hemp Company started with socks, it now produces hats, belts and dog toys as well. And we love these products. 

hemp belt
Terrance Siemon

Kind Hemp Company socks meet our critical criteria for fit and function. However, they exceeded our expectations when it came to sweat, because hemp is naturally antibacterial and odor-resistant. They also come in a variety of tones inspired by different elements of nature — including forest, lavender and turquoise. 

black hemp hat
Terrance Siemon

The unisex sun hat is versatile and moisture-wicking, which is perfect for mowing the lawn or a day on the river. The belt is long and completely adjustable, which makes it useful to us in more ways than one. Last, but not least, the dog toy is durable enough for tough tug-of-war. Even doused in drool, the material doesn’t hold the smell like traditional rope toys. Kind Hemp Company makes affordable, sustainable products that stand the test of time.

hemp dog toy
Terrance Siemon

Dog Toy $10

Socks $10

Belt $15

Hat $30