Compact and easy to use, LavaBox is an ultra-tough propane campfire that passes most fire bans

In October 2020, the LavaBoxTM Portable Campfire, a new style of portable fire pit, was created to combat climate change and reduce wildfires. Built in a military-style ammunition can, this patent-pending portable campfire may be small, but packs a big punch.

“As an outdoor professional, I wanted to protect the place I love. I have two children who are quickly becoming climbers and kayakers and I want to leave a legacy of stewardship for them,” said Josh Thurmond “Chief Eruption Officer,” of LavaBox Portable Campfire.

lavabox portable campfire camping trip
Quick and simple, this portable campfire is easy to clean up and lasts longer than a wood campfire. Photo courtesy of LavaBox

The flagship model, the Tabletop Vol-CAN-no, uses over 100,000 BTUs to generate a massive 900oF of heat at the top of the unit. Getting a customized level of heat and fire is easy with a plug-and-play attachment that mimics all typical propane accessories and is the key to passing Stage Two Fire Restrictions. No wood to burn. No embers. No smoke. Just a big, beautiful fire that can be shut off on demand. How do we know? Over 500 units have been sold to date and LavaBox has been tested across the US with Rangers and law enforcement applauding the design.

  • It floats, making it perfect for raft trips.
  • The burn time is efficient, and runs for 4-5 hours per pound of propane at a moderate burn — far exceeding wood burn time and is much cleaner.
  • The LavaBox is compact and smooth on the bottom, making it very easy to pack and slide around in vehicles.
  • It cools quickly. The LavaBox only takes about 15 minutes until you can place it back in your vehicle.
  • The sides are enclosed. No mess. No wind.
campfire lavabox friends and family
The LavaBox is perfect for camping, as well as raft trips. Photo courtesy of LavaBox

LavaBox Portable Campfire offers two models currently: the Tabletop Vol-CAN-no and the larger Krakatoa Firebreather. Both come as “Combos” with everything you need sans propane tank. The Combos also include ultra-light Hades Stones, a composite “rock” made of woven fibers.

Tabletop Vol-CAN-no Combo: $174.99

Krakatoa Firebreather Combo: $329.99