The Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HP: small pump that works big

In the world of trailside repair, pocket-sized multi tools and portable life savers are essential. While some tools can be shrunk and crammed into a keychain-sized gadgets, others have a need to perform equal to or greater than their need to hide.

Enter the Lezyne Micro Floor drive HP. Don’t let micro fool you. When you need a pump, this thing delivers.

With countless flats over the last 25 years, here are five reasons we think this is the best pump we’ve ever used:

1) It’s a miniature floor pump.

Flat out. At about a foot tall with a stainless steel foot peg, a nice pump handle and a 60 cm air hose, this thing can reach 160 psi, although we never go beyond 40.

2) It’s tough.

We’ve seen some pumps come and go and from the look of it, this one is staying. With a CNC machined aluminum barrel, pump piston and base, it can take a beating.

3) It’s convertible.

Presta valve stems dominate the endurance cycling world, but some riders maintain a multi-discipline identity, or just a townie at home. For them, the Lezyne’s chuck or valve adapter, is reversible, easily switching from Schrader to presta.

4) Screw it.

One of our favorite features is the valve fitting. After years of bending presta nipples all over the place, the Lezyne’s screw on fitting provides confidence and security. It’s not coming off.

5) Let it bleed.

They call it ABS, which stands for air bleed system, and it’s not as common on hand pumps as it is on floor pumps. We weren’t begging for a feature like this, but we’ll take it. It basically lets out a little bit of air before you remove the air hose. Pretty nice touch.