Marcus Garcia has been called the hardest working man in climbing. A coach, a small business owner, a professional climber, a personal trainer and a builder, people close to him don’t know when he finds time to sleep.

“I get in a few rest days,” he says. “You’ve got to every once in a while.”

The relentless Garcia has established a hub of youth and adult climbing in the Southwest, generating a community of young athletes who are blooming into tomorrows climbing powerhouses, while providing a focal point of training for seasoned climbers as well.

He has almost singlehandedly brought ice climbing competition , especially with youth competitors back to the United States, with the hopes that it will one day become an Olympic sport.

Before he began the summer 2017 transition to a new location of  The Rock Lounge, in Durango, Colorado, we slowed him down long enough to have him share how he helps climbers and other athletes reach their potential.

Meet Marcus Garcia, and you’ll just might find a new motivation.