The Luci Original Solar Light retails for $17.75. These waterproof, 100% solar and inflatable lamps have taken the outdoor scene by storm.Terrance Siemon

Light up the night with Luci Solar Lights

A new energy company called Mpowerd is marketing simple and clean affordable energy with lights founded on the idea that life still goes on after dark, so why not brighten up the night with the power of the sun?

Luci inflatable solar lights are clever, inflatable, waterproof, lightweight and 100 percent solar lanterns that deflate as flat as a pancake and blow up to be used anywhere you go.

We like them as opposed to running down battery life of recreation vehicles and camper trailers, but they are just as useful around the house. Great for outdoor dining, summer night hang outs, or anywhere on the road, say river trip-desert swimming holes, or impromptu games of after dark frisbee golf.

Throw them in the water, hang them from a tree, keep them in the tent and line them up in the camper. With their #lightuplife campaign, Luci will send a solar light to one of the 1.5 billion people in the world without electricity. So far they have helped more than a million people in 90 developing countries.

The Luci Orginal is $17.85

Great for travel, the graders or the yard. we love our Luci Solar Lights.Terrance Siemon