A list of events to help you keep getting outside and getting after it throughout the month

March 2021 comes packed with desert trail races, avalanche courses and ski area events. An interesting time of year, opt to escape mud season by heading for warmer climates or snowy mountain terrain.

March 3
March 5-7
March 6
March 8-10
March 10-14
March 12-14
March 17-21
March 19-21
March 20
March 21
March 24-28
March 25-28
March 25-29
March 27
March 27-28
March 27-29
March 28
March 29-31
March 31

Got an event coming up in April that you would like us to include next month? Let us know! Send an email to info@adventurepro.us with the name, date and location of your event.