The Metolius Monster Rope combines soft, supple handling with long-lasting durability

A rope is a climber’s most valuable insurance policy. It is your best friend when you’re sketching out on a hard send, forearms flaming, fingers failing. But not all ropes are equal. We like the Metolius Monster for its versatility. After more than 50 days of use, the sheath looked like new. 


Our testers used it with new (and older) Gri Gris, ATC’s, and even an antique Figure-8 for grins. Usually the question with a rope is durability versus weight. The 9.8 mm diameter means that it is rugged enough for everyday use, but light enough for redpoint burns, sketchy on-site tries, and fast-and light alpine missions. 

Metolius Monster
The Metolius Monster dry climbing rope is a hard-wearing, compact rope favored by the weight-conscious climber who looks for performance and durability.Metolius

While 50-meter ropes used to be standard, the introduction of 60 meter cords meant higher anchors. With the Monster 70 m, you can be comfortable on routes set at 30 or 35 meters. But, never take the estimated rappel distance for granted: always knot the end of your rope! 

Metolius Marking System
Every Monster dynamic rope has a highly visible orange marking system that weaves nylon fibers through the rope. They are long-wearing, easier to see and can be felt as they travel through the belay device.Metolius

The hand of the Monster is smooth, with no sheath slippage. At 65 grams per meter, the rope is lighter than many thicker cords on the market. Plus the rope is certified for 9 UIAA falls. The rope’s rated for 9 UIAA falls—many more than any climber would want to take in a single season. We suggest the “dry” version which adds not only water resistance, but also seems to stay cleaner than regular ropes.