For the casual walker or serious mountaineer, the Lightning Ascent snowshoes provide the light weight, maneuverability and comfort to get you where you’re going

When skis are not your best friend you can look to snowshoes to float you across the snow. Let’s face it, accessing a wintry landscape blanketed in deep snow has its challenges − and skis aren’t for everybody. But snowshoes can be. That’s where MSR steps in with the Lightning Ascent snowshoes, an ultralight snowshoe that tackles all terrain in comfort and durability.

Lightning Ascent
From top to bottom, the MSR Lightning Ascent snowshoes are designed for performance and built tough enough to handle the flats to the steeps.MSR

“They’re pretty awesome,” said one tester. “They’re easy to maneuver; not heavy. They stay on top of the snow and are easy to wear.”

Tech Specs

To get that kind of praise, the Lightning Ascent features the advanced Paragon™ binding, which is designed to wrap securely around your boot without applying any pressure points that could create sore spots or blisters. In addition, the freeze-resistant mesh strap on the binding ensures maximum foot control, while the toe stops keep your foot aligned, providing confidence in each step.

Ergo Televator
Ergo Televator
Engage the Ergo Televator with a flick of your ski pole or a pull with a gloved hand and you’re ready to climb.Scott Rinckenberger | MSR

On the steeps, the snowshoes’ 360 Traction™ Frames provide a reliable edge-to-edge grip and the Ergo™ Televator heel lifts back you up, both of which you will be thankful for on traverses. On the steeps, engage the Ergo Televator with a flick of your ski pole and you’ve transitioned from climbing to something akin to ascending stairs. With that flick, the action retracts a bar allowing the snowshoe to stay on the snow but the foot to point directly into the slope where the crampons can more easily do their job of sticking into the snow. A bonus is less calf fatigue. You will also like the steel DTX crampons for the serious bite you need in technical terrain.

Ballistic-grade decking offers the long-lasting durability you’re looking for in a snowshoe, especially when a quiver of snowshoes isn’t in the budget.

Available in men’s and women’s sizes.