Osprey Women's Lumina
Margaret Hedderman on the trail with the Osprey Lumina 45.Terrance Siemon

Super light doesn’t have to mean super uncomfortable.

Rocking the ultralight backpacking and thru-hiker’s world of weight watching and gram counting, Osprey Packs’ Levity/Lumina series breaks barriers between lightweight and comfort.

It’s no secret that this pack isn’t for everyone, and Osprey will tell you that. Unless you’re snapping toothbrushes in half, your favorite piece of gear is a .3 oz. long handled titanium spoon you got for $12 and your idea of a storm shelter is a tissue thin bivy sack, then…

Osprey Lumina 45 Backpack
An expert pack fitter helps fit an Osprey Lumina 45 at Backcountry Experience , an official Osprey Pro Shop in Durango, Colorado.Terrance Siemon

The Osprey Levity/Lumina is comfort-oriented and designed for meeting the demands of the weight-obsessed hiker for anything from fast and light weekends to 3,000-mile seasons on the Pacific Crest Trail. This breed of hiker avoids boots for trail running shoes. They weigh food, cut tags and labels off gear to shave grams and can wear the same socks for months on end.

Osprey, who has been making backpacks since 1974, has reduced bulk and materials where they could; this thing is full service at just 1.85 ounces for a medium size.

Made with the brand’s own Nanofly fabric, a ghost light polyurethane integrated with Cordura Nylon, the packs are intended to be just as tough as they are light. It’s kind of a bag with half a bag wrapped around it. The taller interior bag’s fabric is paper thin yet strong, and a shorter more robust exterior creates quick hit compartments with top and side access. A roomy brain tops it off and two daisy chains provide latch points.

A 6065 aluminum frame and 3D tensioned mesh back panel keep the load of the body for comfort and breathability, and the layers of mesh padding of the Exoform harness/ shoulder are surprisingly substantial, while the hip belt is somewhat minimal. The Osprey Levity/Lumina is redefining howe comfortable light can be.