The Petzl e+LITE: a little light with big surprises

When a world-renowned ultra runner tells you he likes to travel light and still carries a Petzl e+LITE everywhere he goes, take heed.

The e+LITE is billed as an emergency headlamp. It won’t turn night into day, but it will make things substantially better if your plans go south. If things go well, you’ll never know it was there.

Petzl e+LITETerrance Siemon

Via a simple adjustment dial/lever the headlamp toggles through settings like a surprising 50-lumen brightness – think household ashlight – to a dim setting, plus the highly-recognizable red LED. Both have a strobe option and there’s even a whistle on the minimal elastic headband. Still don’t want to carry a headlamp? This thing only weights 26 grams. It’s worth the hump.

The e+LITE ($30) runs on two common lithium watch batteries that can be stored and forgotten in your pack for up to 10 years, and we’ve heard reports of good power for hours during multiple unplanned epics. Good for a half hour, one meter under water, it can withstand temps from 22 degrees below to 140 degrees.

And it’s small. While you can get a brighter light for a similar price, it will be three times the size.

Terrance Siemon

The nifty little storage capsule that it comes with is nice, but could begin to work against the unnoticeable presence that makes the e+LITE so crafty.

Here’s a video of’s Bryon Powell talking headlamps on the trail.