POC puts safety first in the new Obex BC Spin Helmet and Fovea Goggle — and the style of each is second to none

POC takes safety seriously.

Obex BC Spin Helmet

The brand, based out of Stockholm, Sweden, built the new Obex with crash protection in mind. The tough polycarbonate shell has an ABS top shell for better durability and impact resistance. The helmet feature’s POC’s award-winning SPIN (Shearing Pad Inside) technology—basically a silicone gel-like membrane inside the helmet that disperses impact, no matter what direction you fall.

Obex helmet
The POC Obex BC Spin Helmet is built to protect your noggin from all angles. In addition to a polycarbonate shell, a silicone gel-like membrane inside the helmet disperses impact.POC

Additional safety comes from an integrated RECCO reflector and Near Field Communication medical ID chip—that rescuers can scan with their phone to get your medical records in case of an accident. But even without the added safety features, the Obex is a beautiful helmet. It’s light, streamlined and has excellent ventilation.

Fovea Goggle

Paired with the new Fovea Goggle, there is no Gaper Gap. Seriously. The goggle sits flush with the brim of the helmet. Vents that are integrated into the front of the helmet encourage air flow, so there’s no fogging. The fit of the helmet is great too. A small round toggle in the back of the helmet dials in a bespoke fit, ideal if you’re between sizes or want to fit a hat or hood underneath on cold days.

Fovea goggle
The new Fovea Goggle sits flush with the brim of the helmet and provides excellent peripheral vision as well as advanced vertical vision to see more of what’s below. POC

Testers love the Fovea Clarity goggle as it has excellent peripheral vision. There’s also advanced vertical vision, so you can see more of what’s under foot. The Clarity Lenses were built with industry lens developer Carl Zeiss and testers reported crisp vision, with no distortion. www.pocsports.com/us


FOVEA GOGGLE $180 – $220