“We drank a six-pack of cola, ate a box of vanilla cookies and passed out in the car for 11 hours.” – Bryce Gordon.

Our readers get out. This one comes from Colorado’s Bryce Gordon and Will Berger.

It was simple. Summit Utah’s Abajo Mountains, ski down to stashed mountain bikes loaded with climbing gear, pedal across the desert to an iconic tower and climb it. All in one day. Easy enough.

“It was quite an ordeal,” Bryce Gordon said. He and longtime adventure partner Will Berger, both of Durango, hashed out the plan a few months earlier and set out in the dark one spring morning to do it. They didn’t count on the flooded roads, creek crossings, lack of snow, bushwhacking sage brush on skis, herds of cattle, brutal mountain biking, getting lost and impending crushing fatigue. But that’s pure adventure. And they got what they were looking for. By the time they made it to the tower, they called it a day. Gordon called it a learning curve.

Will Turn
Bryce Gordon

“It wasn’t a complete success, but it was an enlightening failure,” he said. “We figured out you could do it. At some point in the next two years, it’s going to happen.”

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