A young Durango climber raises the bar on climbing routes in Italy and Colorado

The Adventure Pro Readers’ Photos department delivers some surprises, including this tandem submission of a Colorado climber, Liam Foster, of Durango, Colorado. The photos illustrate that Foster has had quite a year climbing abroad and at home and we’re thrilled they were shared. The photo captions below describe the story for each of the photos.

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Top Photo by Matteo Pilon: A Line Above the Sky, D15

Liam Foster of Durango, Colorado, nearing the anchor of Tom Ballard’s A Line Above the Sky, D15, in Tomorrow’s World in the Italian Dolomites. The route, one of the hardest dry-tooling routes on the planet, was freed in 2016 by Ballard, a British alpinist. When Liam, 19, climbed the route in May he became the youngest person to climb the grade D15. The achievement was an emotional experience for Liam as Tom passed in March during a winter attempt of Nanga Parbat in Pakistan. Liam and Tom were planning a trip to Tomorrow’s World when Tom returned from Pakistan.

Hall of Justice
Liam Foster pioneers a route in the Hall of Justice.Catalina Shirley
Photo by Catalina Shirley: Hall of Justice, Ouray, Colorado

Liam Foster bolting a new route at the Hall of Justice above Ouray, Colorado, in August. When completed it will be one of the harder mixed climbs in North America. Foster, a student at the University of Colorado, has competed on USA Climbing youth and adult mixed climbing teams over the past three years.