Who wants to go for a trail run after work? Us too.

No matter if you’re just starting out or are a seasoned ultra marathoner, there’s nothing quite like a nice trail run in the mountains. Looking over the town where you live helps.

If you should find yourself in Durango, Colorado, where there are 80 miles of singletrack within city limits and another 300 a half hour from town, then you’re in trail running paradise.

Here’s a quick run down of some local favorites, on the trail and off.

Animas City Mountain: 1,600 feet of vertical – 3 miles up, 3 miles down.  Stunning views and technical trail make this a favorite, pus it connects to Durango’s beloved Dalla Mountain Park. 

For some seriously good tacos, burritos and quesadillas, hit up Zia Taquaria on the north side of town.

The Telegraph Trail System: 60 miles of sweet singltrack, multiple access points and just about every kind of trail conditions you could hope for-  from buff and smooth, to high speed and gnarly rocky hills.

We usually head directly to Homeslice for a giant piece of pizza. It’s all good but the dough is unreal. Then go for the Holy Goat Salad.

The Colorado Trail: the Junction Creek access whips you though the Junction Creek drainage and up a short series of switchbacks to the celebrated Gudy’s Rest overlook, named  after Gudy Gaskell and her devotion to the 500 mile trail that continues all the way to Denver.

Back in town, hit Mountain Taco. The Korean Barbecue is insane. Get it with a jicama tortilla.

Smelter Mountain Trail: as seen in the video, this short and punchy trail carries runners over a scenic hillside with views into the Bodo State Wildlife Area and tops out overlooking downtown Durango.

Technical terrain tripping you up? Learn how to manage tough terrain with a little help from the crew at The Durango Running Company.