From the mountains to the desert, Telluride and Sedona are perfect adventure destinations for when the weather turns warm.

Telluride. The most Colorado place on earth.

A high country lake above Telluride, Colorado. Photo courtesy of The Telluride Board of Tourism.

Telluride, Colorado, is tucked in a picturesque box canyon with one way in and one way out as far as a paved route is concerned. The former mining camp found its second payload in snow, and the first chairs began turning in 1972. Today the ski resort is regularly considered the best in the West, according to ski vacationers the world over.

Public transportation between Telluride and Mountain Village, Colorado. Photo courtesy The Hotel Telluride.

The town of Mountain Village, actually on the mountain, was founded in 1995. It developed around the slopes, and many businesses and residences have sprouted among them. An impressive and free gondola system links the town of Telluride to Mountain Village well beyond the ski season. In reality, the tram system is just as much public transportation as it is ski lift.

Telluride locals love adventure. Photo Courtesy The Hotel Telluride.

Sedona. Out of this world.

Light breaks through the clouds over Sedona, Arizona.Brandon Mathis

Sedona, Arizona, just might be the most metaphysical place on Earth. Next to the pizza parlor in town you can get your palm read or your aura photographed. It seems there is a psychic on every other corner. It is also said to be home to several energy vortexes where the Earth’s magnetic forces can have powerful healing effects on the psyche.

Trail time south of Sedona, Arizona.Brandon Mathis

What’s really amazing in Sedona are the red rock canyons, mesas and buttes that surround this colorful town. Trails like the Hangover Trail, the Highline, Bell Rock and many more spin out in every direction, and the riding, hiking and running on them can be done just about year-round.

The power of suggestion. Sedona Arizona.Brandon Mathis