Outerbike Moab: Switch out your ski boots for bike shoes and hit the trails.

“Between riding these incredible bikes and riding these incredible trails, it knocks your socks off,” said Ashely Cornblatt, co-founder of Outerbike and owner of renowned mountain bike outfitter Western Spirit Cycling. For years Outerbike has been the premier trail-side demo, allowing participants to get a hands-on trail experience on what’s new and what’s next in mountain biking.

Participants register for a weekend of demos, catered lunches, happy hours and other scheduled events. Both Outerbike Moab events included shuttles that carry riders away into the desert where they ride their demo bikes back to civilization.

“Outerbike is awesome,” said Vanessa Carmean, who showed up in Moab just for the event. “There’re a lot of bikes, a lot of trails, shuttles, free food, free beer, a lot cool people.”

Outerbike occurs three times each year: once in spring, once in summer, (and we were there too in Crested Butte) and once in fall. Check out Outerbike for details and hit the trails.