SunLoops add comfort to cold fingers when gloves are excessive and bare hands are too exposed

Even in the spring thaw, cold fingers can feel like frozen rocks. What if you could hold the warmth of the sun in your hands during chilly runs and morning bicycle commutes? That’s the bright idea behind SunLoops heater holders, made in Durango, Colorado, by Sandy Seibert and Jill Wright.

What Are Sunloops?
Sunloops provide a finger-free choice between wearing nothing on the hands or gloves.Sunloops

SunLoops are thin, pocketed bands that come in three sizes to fit securely around the knuckles of the hand. The pocket is designed to hold any air activated heating element around the hand, without restricting the movement of the fingers. SunLoops can be worn with the heating element in the palm or on the back of the hand. The bands are also small enough to slide under your favorite pair of gloves for extra warmth during skiing adventures.


Each package comes with a complimentary set of disposable HotHands. The nylon spandex band is durable enough to stretch and retain its shape, yet breathable enough to allow HotHands to stay activated. 


Though SunLoops were developed as a solution to a rare disorder in the blood vessels called Raynaud’s Syndrome, our tester was attracted to the mobility they offer outdoor recreationists. The tester hiked three miles in a winter storm, and removed Christmas lights after the holiday season using SunLoops. They were able to pull out their phone on the hike to snap a few photos, and keep cords from becoming tangled easily. The ability to maneuver while avoiding frozen fingers added a wow factor to a simple design.

The tester also tried their own reusable hand warmers in the SunLoops for good measure. Though the reusable hand warmers did not provide as much heat as the HotHands (we knew that before we tried them), the hand warmers fit securely in the pocketed section and still eliminated the need for gloves entirely.

To add some comfort to cold fingers, we recommend the warmth of SunLoops. 

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