Functionality and comfort are the main focus with Swiftwick’s new skiing and snowboarding sock, the Pursuit Twelve

Swiftwick, a sock company based out of Nashville, Tennessee, produces performance socks for a wide variety of adventure sports from mountain biking to trail running. For skiers and riders, Swiftwick has the Pursuit Twelve: a knee high, merino wool, moisture-wicking sock, designed for skiing and riding in all conditions.


The Pursuit Twelve is designed to fit seamlessly with ski and snowboard boots to provide the rider with a tight and comfortable fit, that doesn’t bunch up or fall down while logging a bell-to-bell day on the slopes. The Pursuit is made with sustainably sourced merino wool, allowing for high water absorption while still providing warmth and preventing the characteristic soggy feet of warm days in the mountains. Swiftwick also incorporated a medium padding and high durability fibers to the footbed and high abrasion areas of the sock to extend its life and help prevent hotspots while skiing.

swiftwick pursuit twelve sock ski snowboard touring
Testing the Swiftwick Pursuit Twelve socks on a couple backcountry tours provided a good sense of what this sock is all about.Mike Remke

We tested the Pursuit Twelve over the course of three tours and found these socks to be an instant must have for the ski sock quiver. While incredibly light and thin, they were also surprisingly warm during cold mornings. As the tours continued, they excelled at keeping sweaty feet from becoming soggy, even after three laps in above freezing temperatures. A size large fits a size 10.5-11 male foot perfectly. The compression and tightness of the sock felt very comfortable and never bunched or fell down even after hours of hiking.

However, while wearing these socks, their thinness and ability to quickly become cold post-ski became apparent. While having thin socks, like the Pursuits, has huge advantages during the ski day, thin, wet socks during a cold aprés, hut trip or an overnight camping trip can be emotionally and physically damaging. We recommend making sure to bring an extra pair of socks or have a warm pair of hut shoes or boots to make sure your feet stay warm and dry post-ski.
MSRP: $34.99