This is Taos. Things are different here. The light. The sky. The clouds. Sunsets. The Sangre de Cristo Mountains rise straight out of the grasslands, over the Rio Grande Gorge. There’s music. People. Art. Music on the airwaves. Music on the mesa. Music on the Mothership.

One of the most unique indoor and outdoor music venues on the Southwest is found right alongside craft beer and tasty food at Taos Mesa Brewing, aka the Mothership, and it all sits next to a collection of renovated vintage trailers that make up the  super  Hotel Luna Mystica.

“You know, we have a backdrop here on the Taos plateau that makes it awfully special,” said Clint Huling of the Music on the Mothership events. “To the west of us we’ve go the Taos Gorge. The natural surroundings really set this place up nicely to create a memorable experience for the fan.”

Taos is mystic, and the Rio Grande Gorge, a thousand foot chasm cut right through the desert with coveted whitewater lining the bottom is surreal. So is the bridge over it you cross to get in and out of town.  Adventure, art, culture and history collide creating a mix you might have to experience to truly comprehend. The locals know it, and anyone that visits usually come back for more.  You can ski, mountain bike and tour in-ground bio-architecture earthships: think elaborate livable green houses turned into modern art-deco homes. You can visit countless art galleries, whitewater raft, hike, run, climb. It’s all there.

Tying it back to Music on the Mothership is quite a way to end a day in the Northern New Mexico.

“Everything is perfect- the layout, the backdrop, the camping. There’s water everywhere. They’re so thoughtful,” said festival enthusiast Krissi Brown. “I feel like this is what (it is) to live.”